أجنحة دجاج رئيسية

It is the upper part of the joint that was cut after the end of the chicken wing.

دجاج بانيه

It is a product made by breading the chicken breast meat.

صدور دجاج على السيخ

It is the product obtained by passing the chicken filet’s cubed meat into bamboo skewers.

سيخ فخذ دجاج

It is the product obtained by passing the meat of the chicken into bamboo skewers after they are made without bones.

جلود دجاج

جلود دجاج

ذيل دجاج

Chicken Tails with skin

شرائح فخذ الدجاج

It is the product that has been stripped from the bone of the upper part after all of the back part is separated.

أجنحية دجاج ثلاثية

It is the whole wing product with the tip obtained by cutting the chicken wing parts with the hips.

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