We closely followed the respect for the consumer, the value we give to human labor, the changes in the meat sector and the developing technology. We have accelerated our investments in the field of red and white meat, giving weight to our research.

Combining the strength of labor and technology with our experience, we aimed to export in 2006 and we signed our company together with our employees with different products in our area without entering into competition with differences.

In 2012, we decided to continue our journey without stopping on our 4200m2 closed area in Manisa.

Both internal and external market willing, the first needed products, health, natural, more practical, better quality to produce and offer patience, we continue to produce in a satisfactory manner.

We will continue to bring our products blended with trust and taste into four continents with the discipline of work.

Our Brands


All Around the World

Features of Smg-Food

Premium Quality

Chicken Meats in European Standards with Certificates.

Full Cooperation

A company gives opportunity to produce together

Honest Company

A company standing behind all of it commitments

Certified Halal

Our products are in accordance with Islamic conditions and Halal certified.

35 Years of Experience

Produced by experienced professionals

Preferred all over the world

Shipping to more than 24 Countries +200 Companies

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